Animal Feeds & Bedding

Animal Bedding
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At Serpell’s we stock quality feeds and supplements for all your equine poultry and livestock needs.

Best quality forage & bedding is available all year round. Our store boasts a huge range of feed, our suppliers include many leading names such as Crediton Milling, Badminton, TopSpec , Baileys, Spillers, Dodson & Horrell, Dengie, Westaways (Mollichaff), Allen & Page, Rowen Barbary, Saracen, and Equilibrim, other brands are available to order at your request. Some of the bedding available in our store are Shavings (Proctors, Millwood, Mendip ) Miscanthus, Verdo wood pellets, cardboard, straw, hay and haylage, standard & big bales are always available.

Wormers, Treats And Supplements​

Supplements we stock include Global Herbs, Equus Health, Equine America, Equimins, & Natural Animal feeds, alongside a wide range of horse treats (Spillers & Orchard ) Licks (Horselyx, Likits, Rockies) Horse Wormers available on request.
We also stock nets of Carrots , sacks of Potatoes & Fresh Eggs.